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A little Self Love on a Tuesday

I never hated my skin color.

As a youngster, I had characters like Rudy Huxtable, Maxine Shaw, Ashley Banks, Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales for Every Child, Fancy, Wanda Mack, Moesha, and Angela (from boy meets world), among others. 

A now, today, I love it even more. I sit in the sun on purpose to deepen my complexion if I want to (though I burn easily, go figure), I rarely wear make-up because i love letting my moles and freckles shine through, I let my already light hair get lightened by the sun, making my skin appear darker. 

I love its golden, red tones. It’s softness. How fine and barely noticeable my arm hair is (weird, i know). How I always tend to smell like jojoba oil and lotion.

I love how subtly fierce my tattoos look against my brown skin. How my skin still commands attention with all of this ink covering it.

How, even with two nose piercings and a head full of down-the-back twists, my facial features and the highlights of my dewy brown cheekbones are still front and center.

Whew. I love me some me


The gorgeous Rwandan-Canadian model, Happy Umurerewa

Photographed by Collin Gaudet

She looks drawn. She can’t be real. Her skin, her face, her limbs? too amazing!

You were the one, and you were the only one, and you were amazing.

—Gia, (1998)

(Source: larmoyante, via roscospears)